What We Believe

Welcome to a fellowship in which we are learning to love God and others as God as freely chosen to love us. The Bible says, "God is love," and He is enabling us to share this same love with one another. We trust you will find that same love is true of our fellowship! How, though, is this love shown? This love is expressed week after week in many different ways.

I. Love for our Youth and Children's Ministries

Our Church Believes very strongly in helping the church of tomorrow become the church of today by providing a number of exciting ministries for our young people. "IMPACT" is for Junior High and Senior High students. This name was chosen by our youth because of their "impact" upon others! "IMPACT" finishes the summer each year with a Friday - Monday camp during Labor Day weekend!

Christian Fellowship Club is a Bible based club that meets every Wednesday night for two hours during the school year. The clubs range from pre-school through the 8th grade.. A game time is periodically provided in our gymnasium. The Christian Fellowship Club year ends with all our students and staff enjoying a Friday-Sunday camp near Ona, WV.

II. Love for Fellowship and Personal Growth

Our need for fellowship is met in the same way that our need for personal growth is met: through smaller fellowship groups where people can develop a closer relationship.

This need is primarily met through the many classes in our Sunday School. Whereas many churches have but one or two large, less personal adult classes, our church has a number of smaller classes which allow for more personal needs to be met.

Five adult classes meet weekly for Bible study at 9:45 a.m. In addition, many of these classes have monthly class meetings for closer fellowship.

Our church's commitment to the whole person is also seen in the recreation activities inside the Memorial Fellowship Building. This building has a full length basketball court and is used for such activities as weekly volleyball, dinners, weddings, and making apple butter.

III. Love for Praise and Worship

The Bible says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!" Our worship services are dedicated to praising our Lord through music, testimonies, preaching, and personal commitment. Our normal service schedule may be changed at a moment's notice as we feel the Holy Spirit lead. Both our men and ladies voice their agreement by saying "amen," and it is customary for God's people to raise their hands in praise. Above all, we believe the Bible should be followed in everything we say and do!

One of our most popular services is the Fifth Sunday Sing which occurs anytime a month has five Sundays. The entire service is set aside for music by either our own church talent or an outside music group.

IV. Love for the Sick and Suffering.

Our Pastoral Care Ministry reaches out to those who are in the hospitals or are homebound. This ministry exists in addition to our pastor's work and is conducted by our faithful members. It includes making personal visits, sending cards, and making telephone calls to our sick and suffering. In our most recent year, this ministry made over two thousand hospital visits, sixteen hundred home and nursing home visits, two thousand telephone calls, and sent over six hundred cards.

We would be honored to have you fellowship with us.