I’m Cubbie Bear. I’m so excited that your child is at AWANA this year. I know that God has brought you here for a special reason.

The purpose of our Cubbies Program is:

1. To help your children learn truths from the Bible about God, Jesus Christ, and personal behavior.

2. To involve you in your child’s spiritual, intellectual, and social development.

3. To let children realize they are sinners in need of trusting Jesus Christ as their Savior.

4. To help each Cubbie develop a positive attitude toward Church and the AWANA Clubs.

Your Cubbie will be memorizing Scripture and learning Bible truths that they can understand. They will hear stories, sing songs, do crafts, play games, make friends, and have fun in a Christ centered setting.

The following pages overview aspects of the Club. We hope it answers your questions and is a resource throughout the year. We thank you for entrusting us with your little one. We do ask that you pray for the kids and our leaders. Our goals are for your child to know Jesus and to develop a thriving relationship with Him.

Should you desire to become involved along with your child, I am happy to help you discover how you can invest in the next generation. Feel free to ask any of us with comments, concerns or questions.

Shelly Rozzi

AWANA Commander

Helen Arthur

Children’s Director

Kerri Wallace

Cubbies Director


Cubbies start out with the Apple Acres Entrance booklet. After completing this they will earn their vest ($10.00) and their first Handbook (Apple seed $10.00). A bag is optional and cost $6.00.

For second year students after they have completed the Appleseed handbook they will then start the Honeycomb handbook ($10.00).


If your child has any of the following symptoms or illnesses, please do NOT bring him/her to Club:

Green or yellow nasal discharge


Difficulty breathing or couch

Nausea or vomiting

Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)

Strep throat


chicken pox




Head lice

Stomach discomfort

Other infectious diseases

Please keep in mind that if your child is sent to club with any of these illnesses, you will be asked to take them home. Every child is important to us and we want to make Cubbies a fun, safe, and healthy experience for all children.


Cubbies will be presented awards during awards time at the end of club. They will get their patch only if all requirements in that section have been met. We will have an Awards Ceremony at the end of the Club Year where they will receive a completed book award.


Through the AWANA year, we will have “special” nights when clubbers are asked to wear or bring something that goes along with a theme for that night.


There is a snack sign-up sheet, please take a moment to sign up to have your child bring the snack one evening.