Welcome! This packet is designed to provide lots of useful information to the parents of AWANA clubbers in Sparks and Truth and Training groups.


Clubbers are awarded points for various things they do, some in club and some outside of club. When clubbers check-in, they are given these listed points for the following:

Check-in early (by 4:50)

Wearing uniform

Bringing Bible

Bringing handbook

Went to Church last Sunday (anywhere)

Bringing a visitor to AWANA (first time)

Same visitor comes 2nd time

100 points

100 points

100 points

100 points

200 points

400 points

600 points

Points are also earned by finishing sections in the handbooks. Below is a list of ways a clubber can earn points during handbook time:

Passing a section in handbook

Parents signature on Bible verse (per reference)

Saying the verse word perfect

Extra points are given for:

Completing entrance booklet, challenge, Discover, or jewel in handbook

Completing a handbook

At the end of the night, the top clubbers in each color team receive a treat. Every member of the winning team also receives a treat. The winning team is selected by the spinning of a wheel. Sometimes this is based on points earned during the night, and sometimes it is based on other categories (such as the team with the most uniforms worn that night.)








Check In & Registrations

Opening Ceremony

Large Group Time (lesson)

Handbook Time

Game Time



We ask that each clubber pay a small Registration fee to help with overall AWANA expenses. If Registration fees present a problem, please ask for a scholarship. We do not want to let fees stand in the way of any child participating in AWANA.


The decision to cancel club for harsh weather or dangerous road conditions will be decided between 2 – 3 pm on that Sunday. You can learn if AWANA is cancelled through the following means:

Add your cell phone to receive text messages

Visit the 26th Street Baptist Church website

Visit the 26th Street Baptist Church Facebook page


Each Spark and T&T clubber will be assigned to a color team for a quarter. Assignments provide balance to the teams and may be changed at the discretion of the Game Director or Commander.


Game time is an exciting time for the clubbers. Our Game Director selects games that are exciting and fun. Points are given to the team that wins in each game.

We do everything we can to keep the games safe and to keep kids from getting hurt, but once in a while accidents do happen. So, please fill out and sign the medical release on the registration form. We hope never to use it, but we need to be prepared just in case.

If your child has any special needs or medical conditions that we should know about, please note those on the registration form in the space provided, but also feel free to talk directly with the director of the club your child will be in.


Here, the clubbers pass sections by reciting the Bible verses or other material they have worked on during the week to their leaders. When they come to AWANA the first time, they are given an entrance booklet. After the clubber completes this entrance book you then purchase a handbook and a uniform shirt or vest.

The various handbooks have awards which are given after passing certain groups of sections. Please read the section in this packet with the Recitation Rules for details on passing sections.

In addition to points for passing a section, clubbers can get extra points for word perfect verses and for parent signatures. Word perfect points are awarded if the clubber recites a verse word perfect on the first attempt. Parent signature points are awarded for clubbers who recite the verse to their parents before club and have the parent initial next to the verse reference. Both word perfect points and parent signature points are awarded per reference, not per section, so please initial next to the reference for each verse that your clubber recites to you. Points for word perfects and parent signatures are only awarded for Bible verses. Other section types don’t count.


If a clubber finishes a handbook during the AWANA year, he or she cannot start in the next year’s book unless already in the grade level associated with that book. However, options are available for earning awards for extra credit.


Large Group Time is a special time where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented to the clubbers. You never know what the Pastors, Commander or Directors might come up with!


Through the AWANA year, we will have “special” theme nights. Sometimes prizes will be awarded to clubbers who come to the club prepared. Clubbers will not be given help or materials at club to prepare at the last minute.

RECITATION RULES FOR SPARKS FLIGHT 3:16 (required only for first year)

  • Sections must be passed in order.
  • Handbooks cannot be started until FLIGHT 3:16 has been completed.


  • Sections in the Rank path must be passed in order
  • Sunday School attendance
    • Must be completed prior to receiving any other handbook award
    • Clubber may proceed into the handbook and pass sections while waiting to complete this section if all other rank test sections are complete.
    • As in the case of ALL awards/sections, church attendance may be substituted for Sunday School attendance. While we would love for clubbers and their families to attend 26th Street Baptist Church, they may attend any church and receive credit.
    • Clubbers do not have to attend consecutive Sundays, just any 2 Sundays.


  • Must complete rank test before any red jewel sections are signed.
  • Red Jewels MUST be passed in order and SECTIONS within each Red Jewels must be passed in order.
  • Clubber can begin any Green Jewel as soon as the rank test is completed (see exception in rank test about).
  • Green Jewel MUST be passed in order and SECTION within each Green Jewels must be passed in order.

The only exceptions are the Green Mission and Red Visitor sections.


  • Start Zone sections must be passed in order. (There is a Start Zone for 3rd/4th graders and one for 5th/6th graders)
  • Handbooks cannot be started until the Start Zone is completed.
  • Discoveries and Challenges must be finished in order, unless the section specifically says otherwise.


  • Credit is only given for Bible verses, no other section types qualify
  • One parent signature credit is given for each initialed verse passage, one per reference.
  • Word perfect credit is only awarded if the verse passage is perfect on the first attempt of the night.
  • Repeated attempts for “word perfect” does not demonstrate a verse perfectly memorized.
  • Remember, word perfect points are twice the value of parent’s signature points and should be earned.