What Does a Night at AWANA Look Like?

AWANA nights start with check-in (4:45 – 5:00pm), where children earn points for wearing their uniform, attending church and Sunday School, and having their Bible and handbook with them. After check-in, the night is broken into three 30-minute blocks of time, with children in age-appropriate groups.

Opening/Lesson: This is where we say our pledges and our key verses and sing our theme song. Then a speaker will provide an interactive faith based object lesson.

Handbook Time: This is the time that kids will split into their age-appropriate groups and say their memory verses from the sections in the handbooks. The handbooks are geared toward different age groups, with younger children getting the basics and older children learning verses that help them understand broader concepts, like respect, grace, and destiny. In addition, kids learn the books of the Bible and answers to questions that they may get from their friends about why they go to church and why the Bible is important. Verses must be memorized “word perfect”, which means staying true to what God’s word says and including the verse “address” (where it is found in the Bible). Children are allowed two “helps” (or clues) if they run into problems. They are also encouraged to know not just what the verse says, but what it means. Children earn points for verses passed, and when they pass an entire section, they receive patches, jewels, pins, bone awards, etc.

Game Time: This is the time to blow off steam and really have some fun. Dividing the groups into four teams, the kids compete with some heart-pumping games, like three-legged race, bean-bag relay and scooter relay. Teams earn points for coming in first, second, and third, as well as following the rules. Extra points can also be awarded for good sportsmanship and listening to directions, and don’t forget to run around the circle every time the Game Director says, “AWANA!” Points are added up and candy/prize is awarded at the end of the night for the team with the most points.